Presonus Studio One Professional v2.0.7 (A 版)

A*R跟随Presonus官方发布StudioOne2.0.7版本~~ 新版本包括以下更新: – PreSonus social-media icons on Start page PreSonus 的社区媒体图标放在首页上了(Facebook微博啥的) – [OS X] Enabled automation-curve anti-aliasing by default [OS X] 自动控制曲线默认进行显示圆滑处理 – Studio One Free users can now download and install Language Packs from PreSonus Exchange Studio One 免费用户可以从PreSonus 交换项目下载语言包(这回真的可以用中文了!谁去把那个SB的“遥控”给我改了。。。) The update fixes the following issues: 升级解决了以下问题: – Preview Player not in sync with song delay and not sending Note Off to external synths 预览播放器和歌曲的延迟不同步并且不向外部设备发送音符关闭信息 – MIDI Clock in loop playback could have an offset 循环播放时MIDI时钟漂移 – Remote-control assignment not working with commands containing a slash 有削切命令的遥控设备不工作 – DR analyzer can have wrong results with overcompressed files 动态分析对过压缩的文件返回错误结果 – Native plug-ins missing after Studio One upgrade Studio One 升级后原生插件丢失 – Channel metering not using absolute value 通道电平表不显示绝对值 – Audio rendering stops at stop marker when exporting 输出时音频渲染遇到停止标记时也停止 – FX handling on Project Page (blue screen with UAD-1 plug-ins) 效果器挂在工程界面上不消失(UAD-1插件直接蓝屏) – Wrong audio-record folder after saving as a template (audio was stored in the template folder) 存为模板后波形录音文件夹出错(音频文件被存放在模板文件夹里) – [Ampire] User